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"This week joining the chat is Nick Seymour, founder of Farmo and creator of the Water Rat trough and tank sensor, who came up with the product after a near miss on his father's farm..."


Jul 17, 2023

Featured in FarmOnline after winning the Australian Good design award for our water monitoring product; the Water Rat.


Jul 17, 2023

"When you have animals, you have a never-ending responsibility for their welfare. He knew he had to do something..."

Outback Magazine

July, 2022

Farmo's portable floating sensor Water Rat makes monitoring troughs simple

"Five years ago Nick Seymour never imagined he was about to start his own agtech company to make the lives of farmers easier..."


Feb 4, 2022

Featured story on Cattle Sales AU about Farmo and some of our amazing products.

CattleSales AU

July 1, 2021

"Here's four ways producers can use the latest digital technology and data-driven products to make data-backed decisions on-farm: ..."

Meat & Livestock Australia

Jun 3, 2021