The Farmo dashboard is where you will see your data  in a easy-to-understand visual display, but also be able to drill down into historical records and export data if needed. This is where you set your alerts according to your customised trigger points.

To log into your dashboard go to:  

Username is contained in your invitation email

Password is set by yourself on your first log in. If you need to reset it, please call or email us.

farmo log in

Once signed in, your dashboard will open:


Farmo dashboard

Under the Devices menu, you can access the devices page which displays all the raw and processed variables from each device:

Farmo devcies dashbaord

And then you can drill down further into the histoical data:

Then under the Data tab, you can access the Events page, and set up your alerts.


If you would like access to a live dashboard, please contact us for a guest log in.