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Get alerts in real time whenever your machine is switched On or Off. .

Farmo's Circuit State Alert is a is simple to install on a low voltage circuit and will send alerts whenever that circuit is opened or cloded. Seek advcie from your electrician before installing.

Data is sent via NB-IoT which is the long-range, low-cost version of 4G for IoT devices. The signal for NB-IoT travels further than 3G/4G, so if your mobile phone has any reception on site, then NB-IoT devices will work there. 

When you receive your Circuit State Alert jump online to activate your subscription which covers the data, dashboard and alerts for a year. 

Configured for simple set up and visualisation on the Farmo dashboard.

See NB-IoT coverage
No gateway needed
Farmo subscription required

Sensor Details

  • Ferromagnetic sensor latch detecting standard Australian gate fitting.

Farmo dashboard

  • Display when circuit open or closed
  • Display time circuit was last opened or closed
  • Set custom alerts via email, sms 

Application areas

  • Irrigators
  • Any machines that turn on or off via a low voltage switch


  • All Farmo products include a 12 month warranty on mechanical and plastic parts.

Installation Instructions NB-IoT [download]

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