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WARNING: A risk assessment must be completed and actioned before operating machinery remotely.

Control your pumps and other electrical equipment remotely with the Farmo Remote Pump Control. Turn the pump power ON / OFF from the Farmo dashboard or automate the control based on data values from other sensors on your farm.

The Remote Pump Control goes between your pump and the power point and becomes in essence a remotely controlled power point from your phone. 

You can control the pump on/off with:
1. A button on your dashboard.
2. A trigger value from any other Farmo sensor that you have.
3. Setting a schedule (time) for ON/OFF actions.

Mostly customers are using a tank or pressure sensor, and then using a trigger value from that to switch a pump on or off. The sensor and the controller do not have to be in proximity, both elements are connected to the cloud so they can be hundreds of kilometers apart. And it doesn't have to be a pump that you are controlling, it can be any device that is plugged in to the 15A 240V single-phase power point, (providing it is safe to switch on remotely).

Data is sent via NB-IoT which is the long-range, low-cost version of 4G for IoT devices. The signal for NB-IoT travels further than 3G/4G, so if your mobile phone has any reception on site, then NB-IoT devices will work there. 

When you receive your Remote Pump Control jump online to activate your subscription*which covers the data, dashboard and alerts for one year. 
*pump control sends data every 5 minutes and uses 5x more data than a normal sensor so each pump control requires 2x subscriptions


  • Remote IoT switch unit with SIM card inside
  • Choose between Single Phase or 3-Phase option  
  • 240V/12V Power Supply

Sensor Details

  • Remote switching of dry contact to control pump relay.
  • Option 1. controls 15A Single Phase 240V input.
  • Option 2. controls 3-Phase input.
  • The 240V/12V power supply included.
  • No battery required.


Farmo dashboard

  • Digital switch to turn ON/OFF.
  • Set alerts from water levels etc. to push ON/OFF messages based on sensor data values.

Application areas

  • Agriculture 
  • Industrial


  • All Farmo products include a 12 month warranty on mechanical and plastic parts.

Installation Instructions [download here]

 Remote Pump Warning Sticker

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