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Do I need a subscription?

Yes. Every Farmo device needs a Farmo subscription. The subscription must be purchased through the Farmo website  and the discount level will be applied at checkout depending on the number of subscriptions purchased.

DoI need to purchase a SIM card for the NB-IoT devices?

No. The SIM card is already inside and we pay the data fees, which is covered by your device susbcription.

Why do I have to pay a subscription?

The subscription covers the charges we pay for data, severs etc but also allows us to provide support to customers and continue developing nerw technology.

Warranty and Returns

Is there a warranty of Farmo products?

Yes, every device is covered by a 12 month warranty.

What happens if a device stops working?

Email with the device number and a short description of the issue. A photo is great if possible. We will do a quick check of the battery and if there is nothing obvious ask you to send back to us for a repair or replace depending on the issue.

Where do I send returned items?

Return address: Farmo 5 Tucker St. West Footscray VIC 3012


How strong a signal do I need?

As a rule of thumb for NB-ioT devices, we advise half a bar, or enough signal to send a text message, is ok.

Can I mix LoRaWAN and NB-IoT devices on the same dashboard?

Yes. All your data from whatever type of device will go to the same dashboard. Many farms are using a mix of LoRaWAN for general coverage and putting NB-IoT devices in the "black spots".ns.


How do I set my alerts?

Alerts are controlled via the Events menu on your dashboard. There is a lot of flexability around the trigger conditions, time of day and people who receive alerts. Watch this videohere

What's my dashboard username?

Please check the invitation email we sent when setting up your account, it has your username there. If you cant find it it may have gone to spam or trash. Always send an email or give us a call if you need it resent.

Who owns the data?

The customer owns the data. Farmo has adopted the NFF's Australian Farm Data Code, a policy developed by our peak farmer body for farmers and can be downloaded here

Can I send alerts by SMS instead of email?

Yes, but it will cost whatever SMS costs (approx 10c each) and you need to ask us to switch on the SMS  option which is off by default to avoid accidental costs.


Do cows pick the Water Rat up and throw it out of the trough?

No, potentially they could, but because its floating its like picking up an apple in a bucket with your mouth. Very hard to do.

How long does the battery last?

Our target is one year minimum battery life for every device in the default setting, but in most circumstances battery will last much longer. You can ask us to increase the reporting frequency but understand that the battery life will shortened.

Is Farmo made in Australia?

Mostly yes. If we design a product ourselves we make the electronics here in Melbourne, import the plastic enclosure, and do the final assembly here. However we also have some generic sensor products which are widely avaible and not worth making ourselves. We import those from overseas.


How long does shipping take?

We will dispatch within a couple of days via express post. If there is a delay because a product is out of stock we will call to let you know.