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Water Tank Level Monitor

by Farmo
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$599.00 - $689.00
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Choose connectivity option: NB-IoT
Cable Length: 1.8m

Farmo technology is not intended to replace human oversight but can allow much more frequent monitoring and provide historical insights for analysis.

  • Description
  • How it works
  • The Farmo Water Tank Level Monitor uses a Hydrostatic pressure sensor to measure the depth of water in real-time and send alerts and data to your phone or dashboard wherever you are in the world.

    Water depth is measured every 15 minutes and edge processing technology will send real time alerts when water levels drop below your trigger point. Periodic reports are sent every 8 hours by default. (NB-IoT version only, LoRaWAN is fixed period reporting only.)

    The device requires a Farmo subscription which covers all data charges, dashboard and alerts. The SIM card, stainless steel bracket and magnet are all included.

    The 7000mAH LiSoCl2 battery will last for over a year before needing to be replaced.

    The choice of options includes NB-IoT (works anywhere you get mobile reception) or LoRaWAN (cheaper annual subscription but needs a gateway). We explain the choice of technologies in detail on the following page: How to choose the right technology for your farm.

    Available with 1.8m or 3.0m cable length.

    Options: NB-IoT or LoRaWAN

    Hydrostatic pressure sensor
    1.8m cable
    Stainless steel bracket included
    Waterproof: IP68 rating
    Water depth range: 0 - 1.8m
    Accuracy: +/- 1% F.S.
    7000 mAh Li/SOCl2 non-rechargeable battery for long-term use

    Periodic report + trigger threshold real time reports
    See NB-IoT coverage
    No gateway needed
    Farmo subscription required

    Reports every 4 hours
    LoRaWAN coverage required
    AS923 standard (AU915 available upon request)
    Farmo subscription required

    Farmo dashboard
    Displays depth of water in tank
    Charts history of water level over time
    Set custom alerts via email or SMS

    Application areas
    Rural water tanks
    Remote blocks
    Holiday homes
    Industrial and factory water storage
    The Farmo Water Depth sensor is for use in water only (see our fuel sensor for measuring fuel)

    All Farmo products include a 12 month warranty on mechanical and plastic parts.

    Installation Instructions NB-IoT [download]
    Installation Instructions LoRaWAN

    Product Data Sheet NB-IoT [download]

    Farmo Webtool to configure WLM [webtool] [webtool guide]

  • How it works

    A hydrostatic pressure sensor measures the gravitational force of liquid pressure which is converted into depth via the formula P = ρgh where:

        • P is the hydrostatic pressure in Pascals (Pa)
        • ρ (rho) is the density of the fluid in kilograms per cubic meter (kg/m³)
        • g is the acceleration due to gravity, which is approximately 9.81 m/s²
        • h is the depth of the fluid in meters (m)

    A hydrostatic level sensor will accurately measure the depth of the liquid unaffected by the shape of the containing vessel.

    The raw sensor data is depth (m) but most customers prefer to see a percentage measurement. So we apply the formula Depth/Tank Max= Percentage. To use this feature you need to enter the "Tank Max" depth for each tank.

    Calibrate tank max

    Trigger alerts explained:
    WLM trigger alerts