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Water Level Monitor LoRaWAN

Monitor your tank levels remotely using the Farmo Water Level Monitor including trigger point alerts. Receive regular updates on the water depth, with real-time alerts sent when the water level drops below or rises above set trigger points.

Set up custom alerts and analyse usage over time in charts on the dashboard.

Out-of-the box configured for instant set up and visualisation on the Farmo dashboard.

Monitoring stock water can be made more efficient by technology but human oversight can never be replaced. The Farmo tank level sensor will allow much more frequent observations and give you a heads up when something has gone wrong, but never rely on technology alone when animal welfare is at stake.

Sensor Details

  • Hydrostatic pressure sensor
  • Materials of housing: 316 SS
  • 3m cable standard
  • Water Proof: IP68
  • Water Depth Range 0-2m
  • Accuracy:+/-1% F.S.

LoRaWAN Details

  • LoRaWAN coverage required
  • AS923 standard (AU915 available upon request)
  • 4000 mAh Li/SOCl2 non-rechargable battery for long-term use

Farmo dashboard

  • Dashboard required to display data and control alert function
  • Displays depth of water in tank
  • Charts history of water level over time

Application areas

  • Rural water tanks
  • Remote blocks
  • Holiday homes
  • Industrial and factory water storage
  • Bores
  • The Farmo Water Depth sensor is for use in water only (see our fuel sensor for measuring fuel)


  • All Farmo products include a 12 month warranty on mechanical and plastic parts.