Logging in for the first time follow these instructions:

 Delete the old Farmo app from your phone.

(the old one has Black background, White logo)

Check the username and email you have used before to log into your Farmo dashboard.

If you can't remember, you can get it from your dashboard at my.farmo.com.au or email us.

Get the new Farmo app from the App store or Play store

(search for Farmo) or click the button above or scan the QR codes below.

Know More

Use Forgot Password function

The first time you log in, you MUST use the Forget Password function and set a new password (for security purposes).

Set Password for the App

Follow the promts to set a new password. You must use the same email you use for Farmo. Then open and click the link in the email

Set your new password

Remember it

Log In

Open the Farmo app and log in

Ok, you can now use the app.

You can see all your devices on the homepage, then click on a device for more detail. You can see everything on the map too.It's view only, you can't break anything.

Changing names and setting alerts is still done on the dashboard. Water Rats have GPS onboard but with other devices you need set the latitude and longitude on the dashboard if you want them on the map.

Note that LoRA devices do not appear. 

To set alerts and dive deeper into historical data please log into the comprehensive Farmo Dashboard via my.farmo.com.au

If you are not a Farmo customer yet and want to check out the App contact us via help@farmo.com.au and we will get you a guest log in.