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Salinity Sensor

by Farmo
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Farmo technology is not intended to replace human oversight but can allow much more frequent monitoring and provide historical insights for analysis.

Monitor salinity levels in soil or stock and irrigation water sources using the Farmo Salinity Sensor. Receive multiple readings every day to monitor short term fluctuations and analyse long term trends.

The salinity sensor probe integrates a graphite electrode and precision platinum resistance. Submerge directly into the  into water or bury in the soil to monitor the salt content.

Out-of-the box configured for instant set up and visualisation on the Farmo dashboard.

Sensor Details

  • Graphite probe
  • Stable performance, high sensitivity
  • IP68 water proof casing.
  • EC 0-20mS/cm
  • Salinity 0-0.15mol/L
  • Accuracy ±2%


  • LoRaWAN coverage required
  • AS923 standard (AU915 available upon request)
  • Default 4 hour readings
  • 4000mAh Li/SoCL2 non-rechargable battery for long term use
  • Requires a Farmo subscription to view data and set alerts

    Farmo dashboard

    • Display latest soil temp and moisture reading
    • Set custom alerts via SMS or email when trigger levels reached
    • Longitudinal graphs display results over time

    Application areas

    • Agriculture
    • Environmental monitoring
    • Springs and bores

    Care and maintenance

    • If carefully installed no maintenance required.


    • All Farmo products include a 12 month warranty as standard.