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LoRaWAN Gateway - Meshed - Hardware

by Meshed
Original price $3,251.16 - Original price $3,251.16
Original price
$3,251.16 - $3,251.16
Current price $3,251.16
  • Description
  • Meshed IoT Starter Kit includes:

    Package designed for FOTF 

    LoRaWAN gateway Meshed will work out of the box. Includes 240v plug pack, 10m cable, outdoor antenna and pole mounts. Connectivity to (TTN) LoRaWAN or MeshedX LoRaWAN. Includes 12 months data and maintenance.

    Key Features
    Plug and Play - simply attach antenna, turn it on –and it’s ready to go!
    Fully Maintained, Managed and Monitored LoRaWAN gateway, price includes the SIM and all data charges for 12 month years.
    Connectivity to The Things Network public LoRaWAN or MeshedX private
    Remote monitoring and management of gateway and network connectivity
    All software updates, configuration changes and fault response included
    Supports Farmo platform and sensors and any other platforms accepting
    MQTT and HTTP POST protocols
    2 Year Hardware Warranty

    LoRaWAN indoor gateway - fully pre-configured to work out of the box, the kit has an antenna that you can mount outdoors by running the supplied cable up to eg: a roof or shed mounted elevated position. Gateway box must be protected from weather.

    High Quality MULTITECH LoRaWAN Gateway - indoor
    Configured to AS923 (ask if AU915 required)
    Includes 240v plug pack, 10m cable, outdoor antenna and pole mounts
    Lightning arrestor
    Connectivity to free-to-use The Things Network (TTN) LoRaWAN or
    MeshedX private LoRaWAN
    Likely LoRaWAN coverage from 1km to 10km (site dependent)
    Supports all standard LoRaWAN sensor devices

    After 12 months the data and maintenance price per month is $55 inc GST. For the FOTF programme purchase enough extra months to see through to completion of the FOTF programme. 

    Data Sheet [download]