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Subscription Plans

Farmo Subscription Plans

Choose the plan that suits your needs. You can purchase multiple plans to achieve the lowest possible device cost. Eg If you have 20x Devices you can purchase 2x Enterprise10 Plans and pay only $100 per device.

 Plan Name

Per Device Enterprise10 Corporate50
Max Number of Devices 1 10 50
Cost per year $150 $1000 $4000
Number of Users 2 5 12
Email Alerts per month 100
unlimited unlimited
SMS Alerts per month 10 150 750
Dashboard standard modified custom
Support 48 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Integrations no Agriweb, Pairtree custom data integrations & APIs
Reports no pdf custom
Billing options credit card credit card invoice
Minimun cost per device $150 $100 $80


Nb-IoT and LoRaWAN devices can be mixed in the same Subscription Plan. Note that LoRaWAN devices count as 0.5 in your device allocation.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time by following the process:
1) Contact us to cancel the old plan and issue a discount code.
2) Purchase your new plan with the discount code for the already paid pro-rata portion of your old plan.

When you receive your Farmo device (sensor) and are ready to set it up you will need to purchase a Subscription Plan. The annual charge covers data charges, data processing, dashboard and alerts for each device. 

If you buy your sensors via an agent or in-store you will be asked to purchase the Subscription Plan directly from Farmo. Once we have your details we will set up your dashboard and send you the login details.

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