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A dashboard is where you see your data on your phone, tablet or PC. We have designed the Farmo dashboard around the principle of "data drives action" where the the data is used to make better decisions and trigger important actions. 

When you purchase a Farmo Sensor with a Data Subscription you will get a username and password for the Farmo dashboard for a single user. Extra users can be purchased at any time.

The dashboard is highly customisable, but you may not want everyone in the organisation playing around with the settings. You can assign different permission levels to users as requirements dictate.

The flexibility in the alerts allow:

  • value at which alert is triggered
  • period of time at which alert is triggered
  • period of day, day of week when alert is active
  • different people to get the alert depending on the time
  • back to normal alerts
  • choice of email or SMS 

Email alerts are free, whereas SMS alerts are charged at carrier rates (approx 10 cents each).

You can add sensors from other vendors onto our dashboard if they agree, please talk to our support team so that we can arrange it. Alternatively you can send data from our sensors to other dashboards, again please speak to our support team bout your requirements.